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    Of All the Things You Choose…

    …don’t forget to choose to shine.

    Artist: Karen Hurley

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  8. It is my belief that you are part of the Goddess’s overall plan for the universe—to experience pleasure, beauty, and delight and to value those attributes more highly than you value productivity. In the moment, it is our privilege to see the goodness that is already there and to inhale the joy wafting all around us. Sex is a pleasure that is not to be denied you. You are both pleasing and pleased as you indulge yourself. Your prosperity increases as a result and your generous heart spreads the prosperity everywhere else. You have no duties. You have no obligations. There is no stick, only a carrot (or multitudes of them). If you feel delight in indulging in sex with a particular person, do so. If not, refrain. That person, if s/he is immersed in the flow of the universe, will do the same.
    If you refrain from the pleasure of indulging in sex, you will impoverish yourself and those around you. You will be removing currency from the karmic economy. If you insist on controlling the parameters of your sexual encounters, you will allow only a fraction of the available joy. With your intuitive gift, you know clearly what you desire. The only reason to partake of less than you desire is because of compromises with fear. Without fear, nothing else would hold you back—not prudence, not wisdom, not compassion, not anything.
    Fear is a choice. It is entirely up to you. If you are sexually attracted to others (whom your intuition tells you are positive or potentially positive) and fail to indulge in offered opportunities, your choice to allow fear into your reckoning is the only reason for your refusal. If, on the other hand, you are loyal to your desires, you will find that everyone else’s stories will benefit if they also choose to remove fear and insecurity from their lives.
    There are no reasons woven into the fabric of this universe to limit your number of sexual friends. There are no reasons to feel disappointed if your delicacies come from one source and not another. When certain foods are in season, indulge in them. In other seasons, there are other delights. To stubbornly insist, for example, that only one type of wine will suit is to become a snob, not a connoisseur. I know of no true connoisseurs of wine who would refrain from drinking wine if they were told that the wine that they particularly favored was unavailable. Only negative energy (pouting/controlling) could keep them from indulging in some other type of good or excellent wine that was available. If they said that they would drink only their preferred wine or nothing at all, would you consider them truly connoisseurs?
    There is no one best type of wine. There are many delicious varieties. There is no one irreplaceable dance partner that, if he moves away, should cause you to stop dancing. Variety is delicious! By living in each moment and not insisting that any of them stay, you will avoid the temptation to grieve. We are not entitled to any of our precious moments. Each is a gift. If life is delicious now, trust that it will remain so!
    Let go and allow everything into your life that is intended. There can be no loss without possession. Therefore, possess nothing and you will be rich indeed!

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